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MRZ Scanner extracts all data points and returns those, instead of simply digitizing the Machine Readable Zone.



Scan Solutions Pty. Ltd. was incorporated in 2018 in Melbourne, Australia, founded by a team that has worked together for over 10 years in research, development and marketing of text and symbol recognition API’s and apps. Our extensive experience as industry professionals in computer vision, image recognition and machine-learning brought us to the idea that we can create a mobile OCR product which can surpass the expectation of even the most performance demanding use-cases and projects.

The continuous technological development of mobile devices inevitably leads to one point: complete elimination of the need for using expensive, immobile and high-maintenance hardware devices for ID recognition and verification, as well as manual data entry of important information, greatly shortening the process and improving the workflow.

MRZ Scanner Mobile SDK does just that. It’s the pinnacle of modern technology in the Optical Code Recognition solution market.



MRZ Scanner reads all machine-readable zones on traveling documents following the ICAO 9303 Specification on Passports (2 – lines) for TD3 size Machine Readable Passports; MRV-B Visas (2 - lines) as described in part 7 of ICAO 9303 documentation; and ID cards (3 – lines) for TD1 size Machine Readable Travel Documents. The configuration supports OCR-B characters from ISO 1073-2 for use in MRTDs.


As machine readable zones store specific information, MRZ Scanner automatically extracts all data points and returns those, instead of simply digitizing the MRZ.


The returned information includes:

Type of Document;
Country Code;
All Given First Names;
Document Number;
Date of Birth;
Person’s Gender;
Expiration Date of the Document and
Additional Optional Data.




 Works Offline – No Sensitive Data Leaves the Phone

 Works Under Poor Lighting Conditions

 Lightning Fast

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