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MRZ Scanner is a fast, accurate, safe and reliable tool.

Global financial institutions are faced with a growing need to identify and authenticate their customers, to prevent fraud losses, the funding of terrorism, money laundering, and tax evasion. Failure to comply with proper identification of the institutions customers can result in monetary losses, fines, and bad publicity.


Financial institutions typically verify ID for the following types of transactions: account opening, routine transactions, cash withdrawals, large transactions, check cashing and government regulations.


On the other hand the banking sector almost exclusively work with documents providing sensitive information such as job contracts, pay slips and bank statements. It is essential to make sure their clients’ information stays private.


MRZ Scanner can do that.


Our mobile scanning solution allows for instant capture and extraction of customer’s data from machine-readable zones on passports or other ID documents.
In Banking, MRZ Scanner becomes an extremely useful tool to identify your customer prior to opening bank accounts or to verify their identity before money transfers.



MRZ Scanner is fast, accurate, safe and reliable tool that meets the above requirements for 130+ countries. With a customizable and scalable offering, MRZ Scanner can be utilized for part of the workflow, such as the capture only, or the full recognition process, including the capture, data extraction and communication with companies’ servers. Our engine can be used to send customer information to any required database systems. MRZ Scanner’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can also be integrated with leading Management Systems worldwide.


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