MRZ Scanner electronically scans and reads passports, visas and ID cards.


Security and safety challenges rank among the most pressing issues of modern times. In the current, interconnected world, security challenges are becoming increasingly complex.
As such, solutions to contemporary security challenges require a wide array of actors operating on multiple levels. For these reasons, many facilities and companies have their own check-in policy, where having a piece of photo ID document is often required for a customer, a guest or an employee to check-in, in order to get access to some area of the premisess.


Businesses in many areas of work need to collect identification details (Passport, Visa, ID cards, etc.) of their guests or employees during the check-in process. This is mainly for security purposes but also to comply with local regulatory requirements.


Customer, employee or guest registration procedure can be made as simple as possible with MRZ Scanner. It will reduce both waiting and processing times. Scanning IDs and passports with a mobile device will remove the need for form fills and manual data entry. This improves the workflow and saves costs to the hosting company.


You can use MRZ Scanner to control visitor and employees access throughout the premisess of your business.
A quick scan of a visitor ID can upload their data to your backend where you can decide their permissions. After that, they’ll be able to use their ID to enter all authorized areas on their own.


Guests, customers or employees can also scan their ID or passport for self-service check-in in no time. Traditional processes of manual data entry can take up to 20 times longer in order to collect the same amount of data as mobile scanning.


MRZ Scanner electronically scans and reads passports, visas and ID cards, and can create a digital storage of identification details. The process is secured and it works offline.


MRZ Scanner is fast, accurate, safe and reliable tool that meets the above requirements for 130+ countries. With a customizable and scalable offering, MRZ Scanner can be utilized for part of the workflow, such as the capture only, or the full recognition process, including the capture, data extraction and communication with companies’ servers.


Our engine can be used to send customer information to any required database systems. MRZ Scanner’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can also be integrated with leading Management Systems worldwide.

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