Frequently Asked Questions

US passport is supported. Furthermore, we can read MRZ of any country Passport, Visa and ID Cards.



Why a demo application?


We want to demonstrate to our customers the abilities of our product and make them feel comfortable before getting into any contract with us. They can use the demo, scan some Passports, Visa, ID cards and be confident on the product performance.



Can I directly use the free demo application?


Yes however, this version of the app is provided as-is and without any warranty or support. We make no claims about its suitability for any specific purpose. It’s just a demo on how the passport, visa and ID Card data is scanned and shown to you in a prescribed format.



What are the specific requirements related to the smartphone device for this application?


You need an iOS (version 9 and up) or Android 4.0.3 (API Level 15 and up) smartphone. Your smartphone should have a good camera, because everything is dependent on the device camera. We recommend at least 8 Mega Pixel capable camera and Autofocus (AF).



How to use the demo application?


First you need to scan the so-called Machines Readable Zone (MRZ) with the device's camera. The MRZ consists of two or three lines at the bottom of the passport or identity card. We use OCR technology to read the passport number, first name, last name, country, sex, expiry date and date of birth. The demo app then shows the proper output.



Can I export the data from my passport?


Keeping your security concerns and confidentiality, we don’t transfer or sync your data. This app works 100% offline but keep in mind that this is a demo app. If you want to use it commercially and want different options to export the data, please contact us for a license or simply go to Pricing and Start a Free Trial today without any further limitations.



What is a Free Trial? What is the difference between free demo and free trial?


The demo application which we provide for free, is meant to demonstrate the capabilities of our product. If you find it useful we then recommend for you to acquire a license. We provide a license for this underlying software to our customers, who can then use our ready product or build their own apps with our SDK. Please do not hesitate to register with us for a Free Trial application and accordingly, choose a plan which suits your business.



Can I buy the application?


Sure. You can acquire a license if you want to customize the application your way under your brand, your own app, with the customer experience you want to provide, and get it integrated into your own back-end systems.



If the scan fails what should I do?


Make sure the camera can clearly see the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ, the bottom 2 or 3 lines of the passport/identity card), taking care that there are no fingers in the way and that there is no glare of a lamp over the MRZ. Tilting the passport, a little often helps, or shielding the document or ID Card from the glare of a lamp. Check the above recommended camera resolution in the specific requirements related to the smartphone device for this application.



What countries passports are supported? Do you support US Passport Card?


Yes. US passport is supported with our application. Furthermore, we can read MRZ of any country Passport, Visa and ID Cards. Give it a try now.



Does the app store any personal information?


No! We don’t store any information that we retrieve from scanning a document. Please read our Privacy Policy.



Where do I report a bug?


We hate bugs. To be able to fix them, we need some specifics like phone details and where and how the bug appeared.
You can e-mail the bug report to support@mrzscanner.com



None of the above answers helps me, what to do now?


You can contact us at contact@mrzscanner.com




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