Car Rental

MRZ Scanner’s mobile scanning solution allows for instant capture and extraction of customer’s data.


The global car rental market is continuously growing. In the United States only, there are more than 2.1 million vehicles engaged in the car rental industry. While North America and Europe continue to constitute the bulk of the market, China, Brazil, Australia and India are quickly catching up.


Technological advancements, along with the expansion of car rental companies in developing regions, such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America, would foster demand for car rental services in the coming years.


The impact of information technology has driven the transformation of the car rental services. The growing trend of using the Internet for customizing travel trips and online reservations & bookings is propelling the use of technology in the industry.
Implementation of software such as MRZ Scanner mobile device app in the car rental services makes the whole process safe, quick, reliable, and easy for consumers.


When renting a vehicle, a driver needs to present a driving license, issued by country of residence, but also an identification document, such as passport or ID card may also be required. The driver license is often not sufficient.


MRZ Scanner’s mobile scanning solution allows for instant capture and extraction of customer’s data from machine-readable zones on passports or other ID documents. It is an extremely useful tool to identify the customer and to verify their credentials before any transactions are being made.


MRZ Scanner works entirely off-line for all scanning and processing purposes. All the collected information stays on the mobile device. Additionally, through a secured connection, it is possible to communicate the data to a secured server.


Scanning customer ID or passport with a mobile device removes the need for form fills and manual data entry. This improves customer’s experience and save costs to the car rental company.


With a customizable and scalable offering, MRZ Scanner meets the above requirements for 130+ countries. Our engine can be used to send customer information to any required database systems. MRZ Scanner’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can also be integrated with leading Management Systems worldwide.

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