MRZ Scanner PRO

MRZ Scanner PRO mobile technology
meets your needs and requirements with
Accuracy, Speed, Reliability and Connectivity.

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MRZ Scanner PRO Application


Accurate and fast

Accurate and fast


MRZ Scanner is an easy to use OCR scanning system for passports, ID cards, visas and other documents that have machine-readable zone. Scanning a document with the smartphone works lightning fast.


Mobile OCR eliminates manual data entry errors, while quick camera capture automates the process of ID document collection, filling and submission. MRZ Scanner improves your staff output and optimize your company processes by adding fast and accurate scanning to your company procedures. User document required information (such as name, address, date of birth, etc.) can be populated into registration pages. Our scanning technology enables you to capture user information quickly.


MRZ Scanner works in real time locally on a device without internet connection. All processing takes place on your device. This means the results never pass any external servers. That makes MRZ Scanner the perfect tool for completing scans of sensitive information. Financial transactions, registration processes, KYC checks, car rental, immigration and border control, security entrance gates, hotels and rentals...


MRZ Scanner will simplify and optimize your workflow, everywhere!

Easy to use and functional

Easy to use and functional


MRZ Scanner Pro does not contain ads and its History window contains large enough number of inputs for continuous workflow. Any individual scan can be reviewed and edited at your convenience.


When MRZ of a document is scanned, a number of check digits are used for maximum accuracy of the scanning process. The scanner takes up the entire screen for scanning and gives four visual indicators of the scanning area. Every time the scanner detects a possible machine-readable-zone, a transparent overlay covers that location as a feedback for the user. While scanning, the user can control the device’s flashlight with a toggle button located on the bottom of the screen. On top of that, the scanner window can be minimized to the bottom of the screen while still operational for additional scanning!


MRZ Scanner Pro gives you the option to add front and back pictures to an ID card. This can be done without even leaving the result screen, by simply scrolling down and pressing the “Front side” or “Back side” image. The user can always go back to a specific scan result and preview the images or replace any of them with a new one.


MRZ Scanner Pro is built to meet your needs and requirements!

Reliable and powerful

Reliable and powerful


MRZ Scanner Pro provides a number of additional share and connectivity features in order to fulfill the whole spectrum of customers’ needs and expectations.


The user can share scans from the result screen or history page, through a secure encrypted connection. Sharing and connectivity features include connection to a secured server and sending JSON, CSV or PDF file. The PDF file will contain scan results along with back and front image from the ID card.


Take full control of MRZ Scanner in the Settings panel! Toggle night mode on or off and define the number of CPU cores that the scanner app will use. Define the active document types enabled for scanning. In “HTTP Post and Get” panel, the user can setup HTTPS method, server address (HTTPS address) and encryption key. Server setup guide is also included. User can choose between the HTTPS methods POST and GET. The HTTPS address must be SSL secured. Unique Encryption key is used for generating the security hash. When communicating with the server Request JSON and Expected response JSON are used.


MRZ Scanner Pro is a reliable and powerful tool that will promote your business!

Set up and start using your app in 3 easy steps


Step 1: Install

Download and Install MRZ Scanner Pro application from the App Store.


Step 2: Set Up

Set Up your MRZ Scanner Pro in Settings screen inside the application.


Step 3: Scan & Share

Scan MRTDs with MRZ Scanner Pro and share results through secure connection.