MRZ Scanner reduces the waiting and processing times on boarding. 


Over one million people are in the air at any given moment.
Each one of them needs to pass ID checking procedures every time they board or depart an airline. Whether the customer used the Internet to make a reservation or show up in person hoping to get a flight at the last minute, every airline typically, require for them to show
a valid photo ID to prove their identity.


Airlines need to check identification details of their customers during the boarding process. In order to comply with local and international regulations, and for security purposes, information is collected from passenger’s passport, visa, ID card, etc. Traditional procedures of manual data entry can take up to 20 times longer in order to collect the same amount of data as mobile scanning.


Check-in procedure can be made as simple as possible with MRZ Scanner.
It reduces the waiting and processing times on boarding. Scanning customer IDs and passports with a mobile device removes the need for form fills and manual data entry. This will improve customer’s experience and save costs to the airline company.


Passengers can also scan their ID or passport for self-service check-in in no time. MRZ Scanner electronically scans and reads passports, visas and ID cards, and creates digital storage of identification details. The process is secured and it works offline.


Thousands of airline companies throughout the world are welcoming passengers each day. MRZ Scanner helps the owners and customers of this growing market by making identification and check-in procedures fast and easy. Scanning the passport or ID card with a mobile device is efficient and reliable.

MRZ Scanner meets the above requirements for 130+ countries. Our engine can be customized to send customer information to any required database
systems. MRZ Scanner’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can be integrated with leading Airline Management Systems worldwide.


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