MRZ Scanner enables capture of all needed information from supported documents.

Billions of people are subscribed to mobile services, while in the whole world rapid deployment of high-speed mobile networks and infrastructure continues. Many countries have undergone an identification process to match mobile subscribers to their SIM cards so that users and their behaviors are known through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process.


Regulation Agencies have defined new applicable regulations
to more clearly define the requirements around the identification
of mobile subscribers, including:

- The physical and electronic identification of all mobile phone subscribers;

- A digital archive of all information related to the subscriber, maintained in a reliable and secure database;

- The obligation of each subscriber to identify himself immediately upon subscription. This includes the requirement to provide a copy of an identity document, such as an identity card, passport, residency card and proof of residency;

- The activation of pre-paid mobile cards by operators only after operators have received all documents and requirements;

- An automatic suspension of subscribers whose accounts do not include names or identity card numbers.


MRZ Scanner’s capabilities, within the full mobile workflow, help to identify mobile subscribers trough an innovative, efficient and flexible technology for mobile devices based applications.


Automatic detection of the machine-readable zone code line of the subscriber’s identity card or passport with MRZ Scanner enables capture of all needed information from supported documents.
Manual key input is significantly reduced and can even be eliminated, delivering a fast and simple user experience.


With a customizable and scalable offering, MRZ Scanner can be utilized for part of the workflow, such as the capture only, or the full recognition process, including the capture, data extraction and communication with companies’ servers.


MRZ Scanner meets the above requirements for 130+ countries. Our engine can be used to send customer information to any required database systems. MRZ Scanner’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can also be integrated with leading Management Systems worldwide.

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