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Check-in procedure with MRZ Scanner is fast and accurate while safe and reliable.


Tourism has become an important source of income
for many regions and even entire countries. It brings large amounts of income into a local economy in the form of payment for goods and services needed by tourists. It also generates opportunities for employment in the service sector of the economy associated with tourism.
Industries which benefit from tourism include transportation services, hospitality services and entertainment venues.


Transportation services need to check identification details of their customers during the boarding process. Check-in procedure can be made as simple as possible with MRZ Scanner as it reduces the waiting and processing times. Scanning customer IDs and passports with a mobile device removes the need for form fills and manual data entry.
This improves customer’s experience and save costs
to the accommodation company.


Tourist accommodations all over the world have a legal duty to register
the passport details of tourists on check-in. Guests usually must wait until the hotel staff has registered all the ID or passport details or has taken a scan or a photocopy of it.
The scan process takes in average at least 5 minutes
and then some working hours are needed to send all check-in documents to the competent authorities.


MRZ Scanner mobile application simplifies the entire check-in process, making it possible for the staff to register all data directly with a simple tool: a smartphone or a tablet. With the advances of mobile apps the use of hard identification cards at entertainment venues
has become increasingly more popular.  


At stadiums, sports arenas, racetracks, amusement parks, casinos, shopping malls, music venues, etc., ID cards and passports are used on multiple access points so that employees can retrieve data for registration, verification and security.
Check-in procedure with MRZ Scanner is fast and accurate while safe and reliable. Processing times are greatly reduced.


MRZ Scanner can be used in 130+ countries. Our engine can be customized to send guest information to any required database systems. MRZ Scanner’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can be integrated with leading Management Systems worldwide.

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