Border Control

MRZ Scanner can be used for the full recognition process, including the capture, data extraction and safe communication with agencies’ servers.


All around the world Customs and Border Security Agencies are recognizing that threats and opportunities that are arising from international trade growth and global migration can most effectively be dealt with by implementing a border strategy founded on modern technology, risk management and information sharing.
They all strive to ensure that borders are secure against threats to their country’s safety, security and economic prosperity, but still stay wide open to the legitimate movement of people and goods.


An additional challenge comes from the need to balance both privacy and security requirements. While protection of privacy is of utmost importance the natural tension between a commitment to privacy protection and the need to collect, process and exchange personal data means that agencies are to be especially vigilant in what data is being shared and with whom.


Several technologies are emerging in recent years that are determined to enhance the speed, accuracy, and safety of border security.
Usage of mobile device software,
like MRZ Scanner, is the most promissing one of them.


Border Security Agencies need to verify identification details of their customers at border checkpoints. In order to comply with local and international regulations, and for security purposes, information is collected from passenger’s Passport, Visa, ID card, etc.


Traditional procedures of manual data entry can take up to 20 times longer to collect the same amount of data compared with MRZ Scanner mobile device scanning.


MRZ Scanner is fast, accurate, safe and reliable tool that meets the above requirements for 130+ countries. With a customizable and scalable offering, MRZ Scanner can be utilized for part of the workflow, such as the capture only, or the full recognition process, including the capture, data extraction and communication with agencies’ servers.


Our engine can be used to send customer information to any required database systems. MRZ Scanner’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can also be
integrated with leading Border Security Management Systems worldwide.

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